Road Accident at Bombay Chowk , Father son dies on the spot


Jharsuguda : A road accident took place at Bombay Chowk at 5 p.m. infront of Hotel Aryan. This accident took lives of two who were father and son. Madhab Lohar (38yrs.) and Sanjib Lohar (5yrs.) . As per the sources Madhab and his son were travelling on a Cycle but unfortunately a coal laden truck (OR-16 7890) hit them from back and crushing them to death on the spot. Local resident had block this road for nearly two hours demanding correct compensation for thedeceased. They evendidn’tallow police to lift the dead body from the spot still they got assurance from the officials. The Localadministration and policeofficialshad rushed to the spot and assuredpeople that thedeceased will get there correct compensation. On this assurance the localpeopleagreed to lift thereblockadeand allowed authority to take the bodies for postmortem.