Koilighugar Waterfall


The Koilighugar water fall , its exquisite scenic beauty , steeped untamed background forest fetches a larger chunk of tourist every year. It is situated 55 k.m. away from Jharsuguda in the Lakhanpur block near the village Kushmelbahal.

If you reach Belpahar and head straight towards National Highway 200, which is between Jharsuguda and Raigarh, You will reach Gobindpur which is around  20 km from Belpahar. Then you have to take a right trun from Govindpur Chowk . A 6 km drive from there through thick sal and mahua forests will take one to Koilighugar Waterfall.

A rivulet named ‘Ahiraj’ takes origin from the ‘Chhuikhanch’ forest and while flowing through its rocky belt falls from a height of 200 ft. creating the water fall of Koilighugar.  After the fall the rivulet flows west wards to merge into the river ‘Mahanadi’. It is a picturesque beauty spot with its sylvan back drop.

Inside the fall there is a Shivalingam known as ‘Maheswarnath’. The lingam is submerged in water and not ordinarily visible.  If somebody tries to see it from inside the water in winter and summer the lingum is visible under the reflected sunlight, hence for the benefit of the pilgrims another Sivalingam has been created outside the waterfall. There is an “Ashram’ of a holy man “Saham swami’ near the water fall. Every year a fair sits in Kolighugar on the occasion of Sivaratri.

Koilighugar has an annual fair on the occasion of Sivaratri.


Route : Jharsuguda Town >  Beherapt Chowk  >  Gandhi Chowk > Belpahar Railway Fatak > Take Right Turn > Head towards Govind pur about 20 K.M. from Belpahar > Take a Right Turn > Koilighugar Water Fall


  • Sightseeing
  • Trekking
  • Picnics
  • Darshan of Shivalingam
  • Feed Fishes with biscuit and puffed rice



  • Ideal Place for group or family.
  • Knowledge of Local Language will be an added advantage
  • Carry your eatables and drinking water cans or bottles along with you
  • There is one Dhaba on Road side  in Govindpur Chowk i.e. Madhuban Dhaba (Serves nice food)
  • Must leave this place before dark
  • Have Bhog of Temple
  • Small shop is available where you can get chilled water with some snacks
  • Don’t feed Monkeys




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