Gudguda Waterfall

[heading style=”1″]GUDGUDA WATERFALL – A NATURES GLORY[/heading]


Gudguda, one of the most beautiful Picnic Spot. Though Gudguda comes under Sambalpur District, Many people’s flock this place from neighboring towns like Deogarh , Jharsuguda , Sambalpur and even Rourkela too. Recently JSGLIVE.IN Team visited this place to find out how this place was and what all can be done here.  From Jharsuguda, it takes only 1.5 hours to reach to the spot.  The Roads are fantastic after you cross Kolabira Village.  Journey to this place is very pleasant; you can hardly find any vehicles after Kolabira Village. This place is fully covered with dense forest. As soon as you are about to enter the spot, you can find many Mango and Lichi Orchards on both side of the roads. You can also hear chirping of birds, gushing sound of waterfall etc. You’ll love this place as it’s is a very peaceful place to spend your day away from your hectic and busy life.

Let us tell you that before entering to the exact spot you need to cross a small waterfall, which can easily be crossed if you have any four-wheeler. Maruti 800 and Maruti Van  will have little difficulty in crossing this in Moonson time. This Place has three Step -by-step waterfalls, these Waterfall have been beautifully carved themselves through the rocks.

This Place is also good for Mountain Trekking. Don’t forget to carry Trekking shoes along with you whenever you plan to visit this place. Let us mention one more thing that the water flowing in this falls is extremely chilly, one of the main reason is because waters are hardly expose on sun-rays as it is covered on all sides. Rest you can easily know more about the spot  once you see the Photographs taken in that spot

Most Important villages:  Jharsuguda > Kolabira > Kuchinda > Kusmi > Gudguda  

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  • Swimming if you know very well then and if you can bear the chilliness of this water
  • Mountain Trekking
  • Sightseeing
  • Picnics
  • Take bath in Natural Jacuzzi


    • Please visit this place in group or family.
    • You can’t find any mechanics nearby, you have to travel 15 km back to Kuchinda Village to get one. So, please check that your vehicle is in good condition before leaving to this place and also take all necessary tools along with you.
    • Knowledge of Local Language will be an added advantage
    • Carry your eatables and drinking water cans or bottles along with you
    • Please don’t drink an climb on mountain which is very dangerous
    • Must leave this place before dark

Travel Route : Start your journey from Jharsuguda , take Kalimandir Road ( the road goes just paralleled to Over bridge road)  reach Kolabira . In Kolabira you have to take Kuchinda Road you will reach straight away Kuchinda . If you have any confusion you can ask anyone about Kuchinda Road. Reach Kuchinda take a diversion after Petrol Pump go left inside the town and turn to your immediate right and then you can find an Traffic Police booth in middle of the road , take Left from that and drive straight till you reach Kusmi.

After reaching Kusmi you have to immediate right  after one primary school. and drive about 10 k.m. to find a board of Gudguda ther you have to take a right turn to reach Gudguda Spot.



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