Murder Case : Jharsuguda Police arrests a 33 year old man for committing murder

Jharsuguda :  Jharsuguda Police on Sunday cracked the mystery behind the murder of one Bipin Saha, and arrested a 33-year-old man for allegedly killing his friend Bipin Saha, to repay his debt.

The accused was identified as Dilip Saha (33), a resident of Chowkipara.

As per the report, On 16th July, a dead body was found lying in a pool of blood on Mudhimill Road, Beheramal. On receiving the information, police officials and his elder brother of deceased had reached the spot and identified his younger brother Bipin Kumar Saha who was lying dead with multiple cutthroat injuries. During scientific team visits and during an inquest, a cash of Rs. 73,000 and mobile phone was recovered from the deceased pants.

Under the direction of Jharsuguda SP, a special team was formed to apprehend the accused. Based on the findings, it was known that on 15th July evening, the victim Bipin Saha was accompanied by one Dilip Saha of Chowkipada and after the murder of Bipin, the accused Dilip was found missing and even his house was locked, which raised suspicion over his involvement in this case. After analyzing the call records and with local intelligence, the accused Dilip Saha was apprehended by a special team from a hotel near Rourkela Bus Stand. Even a Blood-stained dress, a cash of Rs. 1,00,500 was also recovered from the accused. Subsequently, the CBZ motorcycle of the accused and Hero Honda splendour of the deceased Bipin Saha was also recovered from Jharsuguda Railway Station. Even the weapon of offence was recovered from a pond thrown by the accused.

Jharsuguda Superintendent of Police Bikash Ch. Das said, “During the investigation, it was revealed that, the accuse Dilip Saha, who had recently got married and had a debt of around Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to be paid to a tent house that had been continuously asking money from him. Even his wife had left and he was facing some financial and well as domestic problems, due to which he had mental pressure. However, he knew that his friend Bipin, who worked at a mobile shop and use to have collection money. Subsequently, he determined that if he kills his friend, he can get the money and all his problem will be saved. So, he planned this murder. On the day of committing the crime, he had accompanied the Bipin and who roamed together visiting various mobile shops at Bamra and Bagedihi and had collected money from the shops also but while returning back home, they stopped at the Mudhimill Road, Beheramal on the pretext of going toilet, when the accused who was sitting back on his bike had attacked him with a sharp knife from behind and fled away with the money to Rourkela. We have seized a total of Rs. 1,73,500 and blood-stained knife and blood-stained clothes were also seized.”


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