JHARSUGUDA: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Thursday said that “Mahanadi is not an issue but it is only an election issue and we are ready to talk on every aspect to solve this dispute.

He Said, ” Mahanadi is not an issue or a dispute. When Mahanadi was formed, it was decided by CM of both states Arjun Singh and Biju Pattnaik at that time, that if any issue arises in future on Mahanadi, it will be solved jointly by Chief Minister of both states along with irrigation minister and CWC.But till date no committee was formed and neither it had met. Only When the election comes ahead, the Mahanadi issue arises and when the election will be over the Mahanadi issue will also disappear in the Ocean.

I want to highlight, Mahanadi stream travels 350 KM from Chhattisgarh and reaches to Hirakud and from Hirakud to Ocean it travels 450 KM.  Chhattisgarh utilises only 4% of the Mahanadi river water while 13-14% of Mahanadi Water is being utilised by the Odisha. But around 82% of water goes into the ocean since last 50 years. He questioned Why 82% of water downstream is not being utilised for irrigation purpose?

The main Issues in Odisha is Employment, Electricity, Road, Water and the Odisha Govt. only wants to divert the matter and make it a political issue. But we are ready to discuss on every matter. So, kindly don’t make this an election issue.”

He was here to campaign for BJP’s Zilla Parisad candidates at Kandheikela Panchayat. In this Brajrajnagar MLA Radharani Panda, Sunil Panda and others were also present.