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28 year old arrested in connection with Bulli Bai app

Jharsuguda : The Cyber Police of the Mumbai Crime Branch on Thursday arrested a 28-year-old youth from the Lamtibahal area under the Brajrajnagar Police station under the Jharsuguda District in connection with the case of the Bulli Bai app, which targeted Muslim women by putting up their images online for auction.

The accused, identified as Neeraj Singh, is an MBA graduate degree holder and had been working with Pvt. Company in Noida and presently staying with his parents at Brajrajnagar after the Lockdown due to Covid19 Pandemic.

As per his younger Brother 24 years old Nikesh Singh, “On Thursday morning 4 am, Police officials from Mumbai Crime Branch had arrived at our home and they wanted to ask few questions in connection with the Bulli app with my brother. They brought him to Brajrajnagar Police station where they had asked several questions, even I was present. While speaking to the police officials they also told that Neeraj Singh is not involved in making that app or sharing that app but those who have made this app, was in a Twitter group in which even my brother was a member of that group, so they wanted more about that group. My brother is innocent, I want that my brother should be left.”

He was produced at SDJM Court in Thursday evening at Jharsuguda where he was allowed for 06 days transit remand, where the Mumbai police officials have taken him to Mumbai for further legal action.


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