Jharsuguda: After Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, Jharsuguda administration have decided to implement the odd-even rule for public transport vehicles and goods carriers in Jharsuguda as well keeping in mind the need to check possible spread of corona virus. This will come into effect from Saturday.

In an advisory issued by the District Administration, asked the vehicle owners (i.e. privatetaxi and autorickshaw)withEvenNumberto operate onMonday,Wednesday,Friday and vehiclesofthissametypewithOdd Number willoperateonTuesday,Thursday,Saturday”intheMunicipalareasofJharsuguda, BrajrajnagarandBelpahar.

TherewillbenovehicularmovementonSundayinthese towns asfarasautorickshaw,taxisand similar typeofvehiclespublic transportare concerned. Exceptionwillbe allowedinregardtocasesofmedicalurgencyonly.The orderwilltakeimmediateeffect and shall bein operationuntilfurtherorder.

The restriction, meant to lessen the number of vehicles on the roads, would not apply to personal vehicles or those used for emergency or other purposes.

The police bosses have appealed the public to extend requisite cooperation to implement the new rule.

The Odisha government has declared the COVID-19 threat as a state disaster while the Centre has given it a national disaster tag.