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Jharsuguda Bajrang Dal observes Seva Saptah from 12th March to 19th March

Jharsuguda : Members of Bajrang Dal , Jharsuguda has been observing “Seva Saptah” from 12th March to 19th March. During this Seva Week, the members of Bajrang Dal will be clean Temple premesis and Ceremation Premesis along with various othersocial works like Plantation of tree , forming a Temple Committee where it is not present etc.

On 12th March , Jharsuguda Bajrang Dal had had intitiated a cleaniness drive , in which they had cleaned Ceremation gorund of Telibahta under Ward 5 of Jharsuguda Municipality. In this Awkash Verma, Gautam Mandal, Abhishek Sahu, Ankit Pal, Ranjit Sa , Amit Sanini , Subham Paikray, Sahil tanty, Gautam , Adiya Choudhary along with others were present.



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