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Jharsuguda Municipality to collect garbage door to door

Jharsuguda: The Jharsuguda municipal authorities, on Wednesday introduced tricycles to collect garbage door to door from the residents of Jharsuguda. As per the plan, the staff of Jharsuguda municipality would collect non-organic and organic waste separately.

Earlier, The municipal officials had already introduced 12 tricycles in few wards, as a trial but have now introduced 18 more tricycles for collecting non-organic and Organic waste separately throughout all the 24 wards.

Aimed at keeping the Jharsuguda clean and hygienic, the municipal authorities have decided that their sanitary staff would go from door to door in each locality to collect garbage from each home.

As per the plan, every house will be provided with two plastic dustbins – Blue and green. Blue is meant for non-organic waste like plastic, glass, tins and other items while the green dustbin would be used for organic waste such as peel, seeds or residual of fruits and vegetables.

The municipal staff would blow the Whistle after reaching a person’s house and Shop. The municipal employees would transfer the waste from both dustbins in their rickshaw and would move to another house. The whole exercise would be done daily between 6 am and 12 p.m. (afternoon)

“We have started this garbage collection from today onwards, very soon we will be purchasing around 50,000 dustbins which be provided to every home. Each Home will get two dustbins for segregating the wastes in two forms Wet and Dry and For proper utilization of waste, we will shortly introduce a machine to convert the waste into the Compost at our garbage dump facility at Kapumal. We  aim to make Jharsuguda a Clean and Hygienic Town.”  said Chairman Harish Ganatra

“For proper implementation, we have started educating the public about the project through meetings and will also publish pamphlets which will be soon distributed among locals,” said Madananda Seth, Sanitation Inspector, Jharsuguda Municipality

“We would welcome the initiative by the Jharsuguda Municipality, but I think if the municipality should educate the house owners or housemaids about the segregation of the waste method then only it will be more fruitful. Earlier we use to dump all the waste in one bucket but  Separating waste into two dustbins would take some time for people to get used to it,” said Sanjay More, resident of Ward No. 3

“I welcome this initiative, as I have been following this segregation method of waste for quite a few years in my house and everyone should follow it,” said Gauri Shankar Tiwari, Senior Citizen of ward no. 1

“I think awareness among of all the family members of a household is a must for this initiative and would also request the municipality to distribute a list of common household articles which would go into which coloured dustbins,” said Sarita Kedia,  Housewife , Mangal Bazaar


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