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Jharsuguda : After a heavy downpour of rains for the last 24 hours in Jharsuguda district has reported 40 houses damaged and Several roads submerged under rainfall water and restricting vehicular movement.

According to the Rainfall Data, the entire Jharsuguda District received around 207mm average rainfall, Whereas Jharsuguda Block alone, received 248mm, followed by Laikera with 245.2mm, Kirmira Block with 220mm and Lakhanpur with 165mm of rainfall, Kolabira 158.0 mm of rainfall in last 24 hours.

Several rivers like IB, Bheden river have also witnessed a huge swell of water due to this rainfall.

As per the sources, 39 houses were damaged under Kolabira block, due to water entering through their mud house and damaging it.

Similarly, in Brajrajnagar, The tunnel road area was completely submerge in rainwater due to clogging of drains and after clearing the drains, the water level receded. Even Rajpur area was cut off after the water was flowing over the road.

Jharsuguda District Emergency Officer, Aswini Panda said,” Till now we have received 39 houses which are partly damaged under Kolabira Block and 1 house under Lakhanpur Block due to the rains. Appropriate compensation will be provided as per government norms.”

On the other hand, this rainfall also brought cheers for the farmers which had been waiting for a good rainfall for their sowing of paddies.

Jharsuguda Deputy Director of agriculture Sebastian Kerketta, ” The agriculture work which was slow down due to the deficit rainfall but after 207mm rainfall received during last 24 hours, it will surely beneficial for the farmers of the district.”


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