Kidnapped Executive Engineer of Rural Works Division Rescued at Kesinga


Jharsuguda :An 59 year old Executive Engineer working in Rural Works Division Jharsuguda was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified miscreants on Tuesday night , at a gun point. However, he was later rescued at Kesinga on Wednesday morning.

The kidnapped Executive Engineer has been identified as Er Manoranjan Pattnaik, working as Executive Engineer in Rural Works Division, Jharsuguda

Speaking over the phone Er. Manoranjan Pattnaik said that At around 12:30 in the night, around five unidentified persons had entered into my Govt. Quarter, where I was sleeping and demanded money on a gun point.  As I didnt have enough money in my house. I asked them to take Rs 5000 which was with me. Later they demanded my ATM. But they took a Cheque of Three Lakhs from me. Then they took me and told me that once we will get the money we will leave you. They had blindfolded my eyes with a Black Cloth and put me in their Bolero Car. I was unaware where they were taking me but later I saw Sambalpur, then Bargarh, Barpali and after a few hours I saw I reached near Kesinga. Here, they took me into a forest and again demanded money, then I told them to take it from my account, but they denied in fear of being caught. Then they asked me to call any contractor and ask him to come with money, then I rang a contractor who agreed to come. But the contractor didnt turn up for a few hours. Subsequently they doubted that the contractor might come with police so they left me and fled away. Later, I reached Kesigna Police station and reported the matter. They havent misbehaved me. All were from the Jharkhand area.

Meanwhile, a missing report has been filed at Jharsuguda Police station and Jharsuguda Police has launched a probe into this matter.

Jharsuguda Superintendent of Police Rahul PR Said, Till now we can confirm that the victim is safe. He has also been provided Police protection. He is in touch with his Family members as well as with us. However,  all details will be known only after the investigation.