Transwoman opens a gift Shop in Jharsuguda


Jharsuguda :Self belief is the main key to success, this has been proved by a transwoman Ms. Radha, at Jharsuguda. Radha leaving her traditional occupation and keeping self belief of doing something better in life, she opted out from the traditional occupational and stepped into the main stream of living in society by opening a gift shop at Sarbahal, Jharsuguda.

Ms. Radha (34), a resident of Jajpur had left her village and family very early and adapted into the traditional occupation in Bhubaneswar couple of years and later came to Jharsuguda in the year 2013, where she still continued to follow the same occupation of begging money from the people in trains and other places. But slowly she felt that this kind of occupation would not make her led a respectable life in society.

Unlike a few transgenders who are forced into undesirable acts to make a living, I had a different thinking and want to lead a respectable life in the society by running my own shop, said Ms. Radha

She adds, “If we will do good and give respect to others then surely they will also give us respect .”But opening her a shop was not an easy task for her, as the transgender she had to face several difficulty but her self-belief and by using her savings from her earlier profession, she managed to open her gift shop.

“She approached with me with a proposal of renting a shop for setting up a gift shop, at first I ask why she want it but later after listening to her thought, I gave my shop on rent to her,” said Madan Mohan Pandey, Shop Owner

Radha, might be the first transgender in the district to have started a ladies cosmetic shop.Not only Central and the State governments should encourage people like Ms. Radha but our society also should also come forward to help and uplift them by providing financial aid and self-employment opportunities , says Anandini Padhi, women social activist of Jharsuguda