Brajrajnagar’s Engineer’s behind the Brake System of Puri’s Famous Rath Yatra


Jharsuguda :  While the Maharana’s are on the verge of completion of the Chariots used for the famous Annual Rath Yatra which will be kick off from 14 July, But on the other hand Brajrajnagar’s techies are busy preparing the materials for the wooden logs which is used as brakes to stop the Chariot, in which the lord Jagganath along with Balbadhara and Subhdhara  travel their nine days journey from their house to their Aunt’s house.

The brain behind, Er. Aswin Kumar Mishra who is currently working under Mahanadi Coalfield Ltd.’s Lajcura Open Cast Mines of Brajrajnagar as a Mechanical engineer and his retired friend named Jaggu Lohar, who is a retired MCL worker and was working under Coal Handling Plant department of Lajcura Open Cast Mines, Brajrajnagar. They were assisted by thier team members -Prashanta Benia, Trilochan Badhai  and Dhaniram Bagh.

In the year 2007, Aswin had gone to visit Rath Yatra and saw that the wooden log which is used as brakes to stop for the Chariots was not effective as even after applying the wooden log for stopping the chariot, the chariot use to dragged for few meters and was causing a concern for the hundreds of people who have come to take blessings.

He determined to do something and asked his friend Jaggu Lohar who also had a fabrication shop at Sanjob area under Brajrajnagar. Both had made a replica of the wooden log and had applied various materials and to check if that can help it. They initially used ordinary rubber and with help of local nails and had also convinced to by then secretary of Puri Sri Mandir, who later asked them to use their methods.

In the year 2008, they first applied the normal rubber and nails but, due to wear and tear the material was not effective. They again brainstormed and in the year 2009 they used steel nails but that was also not proved effective. Finally, in the year 2010, they managed to succeed by applying bigger head nails specially custom made for this purpose and thick rubber sheets which act as a shock up, it succeeded in stopping the Chariot comfortably without allowing the chariot to drag further.

“We have been trying all innovative ways to make the Chariot to stop comfortably. We got inspiration from the football footwear Studs and had stroked the nails in that pattern and it proved to hold the wooden log in the same place when applied and till now we have been preparing it for Lord Jagannath,” said Aswin Kumar Mishra

“Around 36 rubber sheet whose size is around 32-inch long x 9.5-inch width, along with Specialized nails whose head are specially custom made on ordered  are sourced in and then is applied in the wooden log for all the chariot during the Rath Yatra,” said Jaggu Lohar

“The cost involved in this is usually shared among us and friends and we have been voluntarily doing this for lord Jagganath. However, we face little difficulty in finding a stay, when we go to fit these materials on the wooden log, from Brajrajnagar and if we could get some staying provision, it  would certainly  be helpful for us.” says Aswin Kumar Mishra