Government Offices, Courts Closed for next three Days , Banks for Two days


Jharsuguda: Raising a demand for Permanent Bench of high court in Western Odisha Since 2006, the Dist. Bar Association has done Picketing of Court, Banks and Govt. offices for three days. On 16th and 17th all Banks and Central & Govt. Offices will remain shutdown and on 18th transport movements would be restricted from 9A.M. to 2 P.M. As per their routine agitation for this demand of high Court since 2006, all Central & Govt. Offices and Courts are being closed on every month last three working days.

Dist. Bar President Advocate Dinesh Jain Said that As Court is going on a summer vacation from 20th of this month; we are observing Bandh from 16th to 18th May. As agitation is being carried out in demand for a permanent bench of High Court in Western Odisha. Since 2006, this agitation was being carried but from this month we have decided that first 2 days we will close all Government offices, Courts, banks and financial institution like insurance offices etc. and on 3rdDay apart from the closure of banks and courts we would do an economic blockade by not allow the movement of transport since morning from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Through this step we want to inform the government if Government does not fulfill our demands then in coming days we would take agitation in a very aggressive way.