Youth Congress Workers staged protest at Collectorate


Jharsuguda: Yesterday, Jharsuguda Youth Congress President Raju Panigrahi along with hundreds of congress workers had geharoed Collectorate office at 11. A.M. This Gheraoed was done for the recent attack of Congress workers at Cuttack. They had been shooting slogan against the State Governments brutal police attack on the Youth Congress activist at Cuttack. They had been demanding immediate resignation of the Higher Education Minister and judiciary probe of the Police Attack on the Youth Congress activist at Cuttack.
Raju Panigrahi Said that Recent paper leak of science examination question paper, where we are demanding that the Higher Education Minister should resign from the post and take all the responsibilities of this and for the same demand when the congress workers had ghearoed the Cuttack Dist. Collector where police had shown an unmanly treatment and had attack the congress workers and had court challan the workers. For which we are protesting this and asking the resignation from the higher education minister and judiciary probe into the attack.