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Jharsuguda: Railway Users Forum Threatens Rail Blockade

Jharsuguda: A meeting was held on Sunday under the chairmanship of Biranchi Sahu, the head of the Lakhimpur Railway Users Forum, at the Mausima Temple in Belpahar. The meeting reviewed the protest that took place on March 23, 2023.

However, the forum members are not satisfied with the assurance and have threatened to continue their protest. They have decided to hold a rail blockade on July 14 if the above orders regarding the stoppage of the trains are not issued by July 13. Along with this, all markets in Belpahar, Lakhimpur district, will be closed in support of the movement.

In this meeting held on Sunday, Chairman Biranchi Sahu, Shyam Sundar Gunanidhi Pati, Shyam Sundar Satpathy, Kailash Naik, Vishwanath Agrawal, Pramod Senapati, Raghunandan Panda, Sanga Jaiswal, Satya Prakash Mohanty, Gopinath Behera, Devi Prasad Mishra, and Rajkumar Agrawal were present. Several senior citizens and youth participated in this program, along with Satish Agrawal, Bhaskar Patel, and Vigyana Sahu.

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