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Lack of Anganwadi Building, small kids studies at the verandah of school in Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda : Forget about luxurious air-conditioned classrooms and colourful school buildings, with the lack of their own buildings, the kids of Anganwadi centre are forced to either study in the Verandah of the nearby school or have to study on the premises of private residential buildings, the primary education has taken a back seat in industrial town Jharsuguda district.

As per the reports, In Jharsuguda Municipality area, there are 97 Anganwadi centre’s among which only 43 centres have their own building leaving other 54 Anganwadi centre’s, where these children are either studying under a tree or under school Verandah or either studying in the premises of some private residential complex.

“Presently 30 children come to our centre and all sit on the verandah of nearby Badheimunda Ashram school. Our own building has been completely damaged since so many years. Even, Vedanta Ltd. had started to build a building but now it has been lying incomplete. So, many days passed away but nothing has been done yet.” said Surekha Pradhan, Anganwadi Worker,  Badheimunda

“It is sad, that Anganvadi building is lying damaged and when I had visited and saw the condition in which the children are studying, especially in this rainy season, I felt very bad for them. So, I request the Jharsuguda District Administration to take immediate steps.” said  a resident of Badheimunda, Bishnu Lal Pradhan

As per Jharsuguda Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Sarojini Ekka, “Among 97 Anganvadis, 54 Anganwadi centre’s under Jharsuguda Municipality area doesn’t have their own building. Out of 54, 7 centres have been already sanctioned and even money has been deposited we are waiting for the Executive Engineer of Jharsuguda Municipality to complete it. Apart from this, we have also identified another 14 more places for the building the Anganwadi centre’s. In the year 2017, Vedanta Ltd. had taken nine AnganwadiCentre’s of Ward No. 14 for constructing the buildings, but till now not even a single project has been completed, yet.”

Jharsuguda municipality, Executive Officer, Rama Chandra Pradhan said,” Total estimate of the seven-building to be constructed is around 9-10 Lakhs. we have just received only 7 lakhs from Jharsuguda District Social welfare (DSW). However, I have already instructed the JE to initiate the tender process for the construction of the building.”

Meanwhile, Vedanta Company spokesperson, Sanjeev Pattnaik said,” A proposal from the Vedanta Ltd. was given to the government for the construction of buildings of Anganwadi, but due to some technical problem in it, it could not get through. I have sought the details from the CSR department about this.”  


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