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Woman Reunites with Family After 1.5 Years at Mission Ashra

Jharsuguda : Anita Sahu, a mentally challenged woman who had been undergoing treatment at “Mission Ashra” in H. Katapali, Jharsuguda, run by People’s Forum District Mineral Fund and District Administration, has finally reunited with her family after a year and a half.

Anita went missing for one and a half years and was found wandering in the Laikera area. Laikera police then brought her to Mission Ashra for care and treatment. After undergoing treatment, Anita was able to provide her full address to the centre’s counsellor, which led to efforts to locate her family. The address was traced to the Shakti police station in Champa district, Chhattisgarh.

Upon receiving news of Anita’s whereabouts, her husband and son promptly arrived at Mission Ashra to bring her back home. This reunion brought immense joy to Anita’s family, who expressed their gratitude towards Mission Ashra for their efforts in reuniting them.

During Anita’s homecoming program, notable personalities such as educationist and social worker Kavitha Panda and lecturer/poet Mandakini Satpathy were present. They enlightened the gathering about the cultural significance of Jagannath by presenting idols of Lord Jagannath, symbolizing the rich heritage of Odisha.

Mission Ashra is not just a shelter but also provides medical training, yoga, pranayama, and various crafts to its inmates, aiming to equip them with skills for future career opportunities.

People’s Forum operates six centers in Jharsuguda district, catering to mental health patients, de-addiction services, and old age homes, with a total of 496 inmates under their care.

Anita’s family expressed their heartfelt thanks to Mission Ashra and the Jharsuguda district adminsitration, praising the program’s success in reuniting families and providing comprehensive care to those in need.


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