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National President of ICAI, CA (Dr.) Debasish Mitra visit Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda : Members of Jharsuguda Branch of ERIC felicitated National President of ICAI, CA (Dr.) Debasish Mitra, who was here to attend the Installation Ceremony of the Jharsuguda Branch of Eastern Regional Council (ERIC) of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) on Monday.

While speaking to the Press, the National President of ICAI, CA (Dr.) Debasish Mitra said, “The ICAI is the second largest accounting body in the world. We have around 3,30,000 members in CA and about 750,000 students, out of students 44% sour students are female. I have happy to come to Jharsuguda as Jharsuguda Brach is an active branch although it is small in size. It has also received awards from the ERIC and Jharsuguda Branch is one out of 164 branches that we have in India. As I stated we are not only the institute that is restricted to India. We have a huge global body with 44 overseas chapters, 27 representative officers, we are present in 73 cities of the world and over a period of time we have grown to be a huge monolith organisation. Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam had described as a partner in National Building, we take this description of the profession very seriously to all of us in council and to all the members and CA. It is always nation first, that we act and what we think is for the benefit of the Nation. On the GST front, The Institute has contributed immensely to the success of GST. In the Railways, the Institutes has contributed to converting the accounting from cash basis to accrual basis Over the period of time, we have taken to serve the country.

“We are targeting MSME and Startups, we are trying to see to what extent we can help the MSME and the start-ups because they require a lot of help as they may not have enough financials to afford that help from the Chartered accountant, we are trying to put incubators in our branches 164 branches so that Chartered Accountants can go and guide them, how to set up a company, how to go about doing well in their respective sector. The Hon’ble Minister of MSME Nitin Gadkari was there in a programme in the month of January. He was also telling us that for the Pillar of National Economy, we must try everything, possible to help the infrastructure and the MSME sector and We are trying our best. In addition to other areas. Our trust today is also in Technology. We believe the technological changes will be massive and there will be disruptions but we also believe that you see at the Institute we should take technology as an enabler and not as a disruptor, Institute has a separate Board called as Digital Accounting and assurance board which does lots of research on artificial intelligence, on blockchain and on data analytics, we are trying our best to see that our membership and our students are inclined towards the latest that is happening on the technological front.”

In this function, Various Dignitaries like CA Sushil Kumar Goel, CA Ranjit Kumar Agarwal (Central Council member of ERIC, CA Ravi Patwa (Chairman, ERIC) , CA Debyan Patra (Vice Chairman, ERIC), CA Sanjib Sanghi (Secretary, ERIC), CA Vishnu Kr. Tulshyan (Treasurer, ERIC), CA Mayur Agarwal (Member, ERIC), CA Sunil Sahoo, (Immediate Past President, ERIC), CA Nitesh Kr. More, (Past Chairman, ERIC), CA Sumit Binani, (Past Chairman, ERIC).

CA Manish Shah, Ca Ankit Agrawal and CA Manish Didwania were also present in this function.


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