TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd reduces 11KV and 33KV feeder tripping by 20%


Sambalpur : Odisha generates power more than the state’s requirement from its Hydro, Thermal and Renewable sources of energy. It is therefore important for this power surplus state to be managed by an efficient power distribution company in order to reduce aggregate technical and commercial losses and ensure a reliable and quality power supply. Prompted by this need, TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, took over the erstwhile distribution of WESCO eight months back on January 1, 2021.

Since its takeover, TPWODL is powering nine districts in Western Odisha and has undertaken several initiatives to improve the power supply infrastructure to provide reliable and stable power to its 2 million consumers. The company has taken a slew of initiatives which has helped it to reduce 11KV and 33KV feeder tripping by 20% (based on the internal operational survey). Some of the key initiatives are as follows:

Some of the key initiatives implemented by TPWODL are:

  • Conducted a detailed ground-level survey of all its substations & distribution transformers (DTRs), feeder lines and long transmission cable systems
  • Divided the power distribution circle into two parts–A) High revenue substation (18nos.), High revenue 33kV feeder (33nos.) and 11Kv feeder (35 nos.)& B) Urban and Rural area
  • Designed a roadmap for the up-gradation of Distribution Transformers  and converting open conductor into AB cable
  • Allocated a capex budget ofRs. 1600 Crore for replacement/overhaul of distribution infrastructure byFY26
  • Engaged proactively with the Government to get the substations operational under the Odisha Distribution Strengthening System (ODSSP) so that power supply to rural areas can also be improved

Commenting on the developments, MrGajanan Kale, Chief Executive Officer, TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited said, “Within eight months of taking over the WESCO management, we have brought a positive change in day-to-day operations by implementing several initiatives. It is our constant endeavour to ensure a smooth and efficient power distribution for our customers. We are confident of sustaining this by introducing cutting edge technologies as a part of the change management drive.”

Furthermore, in order to achieve service excellence, create value for its customers and modernise its power infrastructure, TPWODLimplemented the following initiatives:

  • Reduced timeline of the replacement of 33 KV breaker from 5 days to 3 days by joining hand with Chiplima Grid which is maintained by OHPC
  • Successfully completed all the pending work under Integrated Power Distribution System (IPDS) scheme
  • Completed DTR fencing of more than 120 locations at the circle for public and animal safety. The team has planned another 500 DTR fencing to be done in the current financial year
  • Completion of pre-monsoon maintenance

 Because of all the above timely measures executed by TPWODL’s Operation Team, the power supply parameters have shown a substantial improvement in the last few months.