Aparnaa World School extends a helping hand to the bereaved family of eminent Musician Yogesh Das


Jharsuguda: At one hand, when Covid has been taking several lives almost every day, and thefamily members have been suffering several problems. On the other hand, in this moment of grief, the director of AparnaWorld school has come forward and extended help to the bereaved family of eminentmusic teacher Yogesh Das, by sponsoring his childs education, who is studying in a private school. Yogesh Das was a faculty of Music in Aparnaa World School, Jharsuguda

Ajay Poddar, the director of Aparnaa world school said, The death news was entirely shocking and heartbreaking for the Aparnaa Family including the students, faculty, friends and fans of Yogesh Sir. We stand with his family in this difficult time of grief.

Yogesh Kumar Das (38), since childhood had been attracted to music and had todedicate his entire lifeto Music. He was not only a great musician who knew to play various musical instruments but he wasalso a great singer and composer. He was excellent at playing various musical instruments like Casio,Tabla, Guitar, Harmonium, Electronic Keyboard, Dholak, Trango, etc He also had his own musical band and had been imparting music training to various young studentswho want to learn how to play musical instruments. He was also teaching music at Aparnaa WorldSchool, He has been survived by his wife, two children, brother, father and sister