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Due To Lockdown, Vegetable Farmers Forced To Go For Distress Sale

Jharsuguda : Due to 21 days lockdown for Covid19, it is not only affecting Mines and industries hard but it has also hit the farming sector also. It’s the best example can be seen in Lakhanpur Block of Jharsuguda District. where the vegetable farmers are in a panic state, as they cannot find any buyers for their grown vegetables, as a result, they are now forced to go for distress sale.

According to sources, before the lockdown period, Pointed Gourd (Patal) use to sell at Rs 60 to Rs 70 per Kg, they are now selling the produce at Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg. With no other alternative, the farmers are now selling their produce to middlemen and local traders at much lower prices.

” We have done farming in one-acre land. we have sown Pointed Gourd (Patal) in half-acre and Tomato in half-acre. But due to the lockdown, no person is able to come and buy the vegetables. As a result, we have not harvested the crop fully rather we have left half of the tomato in the farm itself. Rest We had harvested Pointed Gourd, finding no buyer for some days we have sold to one of the merchants who had paid the Pointed Gourd in mere Rs. 40 per kilogramme. For selling, neither anyone is coming to us nor we can go to them. I hope the government would arrange some facilities so that our vegetables could be sold easily. ” said Jayanti Bhoi, farmer of Panchgaon under Lakhanpur

” I have done Cucumber (Khira) in 1.5 Acre, Pointed Gourd (Patal) in 1 acre, Lubiya (Jhunga) in 1.5 Acre, due to lockdown no merchant is coming down to us to buy these vegetables if some Mandi facilities are done then it would have been a big relief for all farmer. I would fold my hands and request our government that please listen to our plea and arrange Mandi facilities so that our vegetables could be lifted and sold easily “Said Ramesh Meher,  farmer of Attabira Grampanchayat under Lakhanpur Block

” I have done half-acre of Ginger farming. after the lockdown, I am not getting the exact price, few merchants have come and have offered of Rs. 35 per Kg whereas earlier the price for Ginger was around Rs. 100 per kg in the market and Rs. 80 in the wholesale market. So, presently, I have stopped harvesting my crop as if now.” said  Mohan Sha, Ginger Farmer of Bijapali Village under Lakhanpur Block


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