Laptop-cellphone lifter gang busted by Jharsuguda GRP, 7 Laptops and 5 Cellphone Seized


Jharsuguda :Jharsuguda Government Railway Police, has arrested twopeople on Sunday, for been allegedly involved in a Laptop and Cellphone lifting gang. The gang used to target passengers at Busstandand usually travel in Buses.

Police identified the accused as Kabulu Bagh (19years), a resident of Dongapada under Boudh Police Station. Police have also arrested receiver of these materials identified as Satya Narayan Khamari (26years), a resident of Manamunda under Boudh.

As per reports, The Government Railway Police while patrolling at Jharsuguda Railway Station on Saturday suspected the accused, Kabulu Bagh who had a Laptop bag. Later, after the interrogation, it was found that he was involved in several laptops and mobile lifting cases held at Jharsuguda.

GRP Police seized five cellphones along with seven Laptops from threelaptop bags. However, the main kingpin of this gang is still at large.

This gang usually targets Bus stand and lifts the Laptop bags and mobile from inside the bus, when the passengers get down at bus stands for refreshment, leaving there belonging insidethe bus unattended.

Jharsuguda Government Railway Police officer Incharge Debjani Nayak said, “As per the complaintfiled by one Anand Vishwakarma of Gumadera, Belpahar, regarding a theft of a Laptop bag from Jubula Bus at Jharsuguda Bus stand on 15th August night. Based on this while investigating the case, a suspect Kabulu Bagh was apprehended at Jharsuguda Railway Station, while another suspect had fled away. When interrogated, Kabulu Bagh had confessed of committing the crime. Around seven high-end Laptops has been seized along with five mobiles from his possession.When verified, the accuse has been a regular offender and has also been involved in several theft and Murder cases under Boudh Police Station. Even the receiver of the laptop has been arrested. Both the accused has been forwarded to Court today.”