Social Organisation turns teachers for rag pickers of Jharsuguda


Jharsuguda:Jharsuguda based two social organizations, Action for Social Cause and SamaleshwariMaa Ghara Charitable Trust has taken a noble initiative to educate the rag pickers of Jharsuguda Railway Station. The organization initiated the steps after conducting a survey.

The president of Action for Social Cause, Dinesh Kumar Upadhaya said that Education is the fundamental right for any child and it should be provided to them. After working on the thoughts of my Volunteer Parag Singhania to educate the small children’s working as rag pickers at Jharsuguda railway station. We had conducted a survey along with the members of Samaleshwari Maa Ghara Charitable Trust and found that below 10 years old children’s usually roam along with their parents and above 10 years children’sroams their own and have usually taken a wrong path and fall prey to drug etc. So, we identified the parents of the children’s below 10 years and approached them and made them understand the importance of education. After which they had understood and sent their children for education.”

Volunteer of Action for social Cause, Parag Singhania said that ,” I travel a lot in trains for my business and very often I see small children’s engaged in begging and rag picking etc.and whenever I see the image of my own children’s flashes to me and later many questions arise like why someone doesn’t come forward to help them.However, I thought not to wait for anyone rather start by ourselvesSo, we started this small initiative together toprovide basic education along with personal hygiene to these children’s. We provided Soap, School Uniform, School Bag, Learning Materials etc

From this initiative, we want to change the life of the child who usually takes a wrong path like being additive to drugs etc and by this initiative, if we could change the life’s of at least five children’s, then their next coming generation will also be improved. he added

“I am very happy to see that my Child is being educated, as there is no one behind me to help me and my child, I have never dreamt that I could send my child to any school. I thank people of this organization for this,” said Radhika Mohanty, mother of a rag picker