No consensuses reached over No Court, No Vote at Jharsuguda


Jharsuguda:Soon after the meeting of CAC held on Thursday, in which the CAC had left No Court, No Vote decision with the Local Dist. Bar Association to decide in discussion with all political parties and local association. An all Party Meeting was called by the Jharsuguda Bar Association atBar hall on Friday.

In this meeting members and representatives of various parties like Biju Janta Dal, Congress, Aam Admani Party, CPI, Koshal Kranti Dal, Samajvadi Party along with various local association like Anchalik Vikash Parisad , Baristha Nagarik Sangh were present in this meeting.

After the discussion, Majority of political parties and local association had come out in favour of the No Court, No Vote decision expect BJD who opposed the decision.

Jharsuguda Bar President Dinesh Jain said that As per the CAC meeting, various associations along with all political parties were present where all associations and all political parties expect BJD, had welcomed CAC decision of No Court, No Vote and had assured they will support us till the demand of High Court is fulfilled. But BJD party had made their stand clear that they will not support us in No Court, No Vote. So, in this meeting no final conclusion came out for which an all lawyers meeting will be conducted tomorrow where we would come out with a concrete decision.

Congress Dist. President Bhawani Shankar Pati, As CAC had given the responsibility to the Jharsuguda Bar Association for reaching out a consciences with all political parties and association for reaching consensuses over No Court, No Vote. But failing to get unanimous decision today, we would wait for the decision of Jharsuguda Bar association meeting and then after reviewing it, we would decide.

Jharsuguda BJD Senior Leader Tapas Ray Choudhary said that, Our CM had already recommended for an establishment of High Court and in this regard Kipal Sibal have asked for some clarification, which would take time as it is a lengthy process, it is not an two days work, the process should continue, along with the Dialogue but our BJD partys have clear its stand that we want the vote to happen, If vote doesnt take place then an Constitutional crises would occur and suppose if court is not established within 6-8 months then we have to boycott the MLA elections also as well as M.P. election.

He questioned if No Court, No Vote is the slogan of CAC then Why five lawyers of western Odisha have filed their nomination for the bar council election ?