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Fake medicine Seized

Jharsuguda : Jharsuguda Drug Inspector on Sunday seized two medicines supplied by fake company M/s Max Relief Health Care. These medicines were supplied from the Cuttack warehouse, which was recently raided.

After learning that the spurious drug had come to Amit Medical Agency here, the Jharsuguda Drug Inspector raided the Medical Agency and seized two types of drugs i.e., Medi TBR (46 strips) and TREAT 200 SP (33 Strips). The drug samples have been reportedly sent to Bhubaneswar for laboratory tests.

Jharsuguda Drug inspector Jyoti Ranjan Panda said, “As per the information from the Cuttack, regarding the supply of medicine by the spurious company M/s Max Relief healthcare, we conducted a raid in Jharsuguda and found two medicines namely MEDI TBR (46 Strips) and TREAT 200 SB (33 Strips) and seized them. Among these, we have sent 20 tabs from seized medicine for laboratory test. We had also conducted raids in various medicine shops but didn’t find any stock of these medicines. However, we will continue raids after any information we get regarding the stock of these medicine”


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