Jharsuguda Railway Station not up to Standard, but within a year we would bring back to a better standard : Mr. Basudev Panda (ADRM)


Jharsuguda: Today around 12 p.m. Honable Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha Sanjay Bhoi along with Jharsuguda MLA Naba Das had met ADRM of South Eastern Railway Mr. Basudev Panda in Jharsuguda Railway Station.
MLA Mr. Das and Honble M.P. Sanjay Bhoi had met with ADRM and discussed about various issue relating to railways. Some of these issues have been demanded for years but still it has been not fulfilled among which construction of Railway Bridge or underpass on Chowki para railway crossing was one of them. Other Demands were Shifting of Railway Goods shed to outskirt of the ton to avoid heavy traffic and pollution, Provision of stalls at Platform No. 4 & 5, Setup of Rail Terminal at Jharsuguda, Parking facilities, Construction of Rail Niwas , Construction of Park, Introduction of VIP Quota in Railway Reservation , Market Complex for Railway Employees at Railway Colony, Proper light at Railway Children Park etc.
Mr. Basudev Panda (ADRM) Said that Tender for Bridge over Sambalpur Line and a underpass over Bilaspur Line is being already done but the demands put by the Jharsuguda MAL Naba Das for a ROB (Railway over Bridge) which would cover both Sambalpur as well as Bilaspur Line at Chowki para Railway Crossing has to be rethink and after the discussion only we can say anything.
He also added that I agree that the Jharsuguda Station is not standards as it should be however I will assure that the beautification work along with Lighting and Pavements would be started quickly and also people would get parking facilities soon after the shifting of good shed. We are working and I am sure that the Jharsuguda Railway Station Standard would be better within a Year.
Honable MP Sanjay Bhoi said that We were suppose to meet DRM but due to some reason he was a unavailable so we met with ADRM Basudev Panda and had discussed various issue over Jharsuguda Railway Station among which long awaiting demand for Chowki Para Over Bridge was one of the main issue, its railway responsibility to find out a solution for this.
However the Jharsuguda Railway Station was one of the Adarsh Railway Station which was declared by Mamta Banerjee. But here the Jharsuguda Station lacks the basic amenities which suppose to be there like Cleanliness, restroom, bathrooms etc are not up to mark. In Coming Winter Session I would take up theses issue
MLA Naba Das Said that We had a discussion with ADRM, about the issues and we would soon going to meet Railway Minister along with Honable MP Sanjay Bhoi for discussing various problems like firstly the Chowkipara Railway Over Bridge, Secondly The shifting of Market to backside over railway land which would solve all the traffic problems, thirdly beautification from entry point to platform inside.
A Memorandum has been handed over to the ADRM by the District Congress Committee in presence of various distinguished people of Jharsuguda and railway officials DCM Mr. S.K. Ganguly, Sr. DCM R Saswat and ADEN of Jharsuguda Mr. N.K. Mina who were also present in this meeting.