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S.E. Railway to Construct New Railway Overbridge connecting Old Bus stand to Beheramal

Jharsuguda : To pave the way for the expansion of new railway lines, South Eastern Railway, Chakardharpur Division is planning to construct a new Railway over a bridge connecting the old Bus Stand to Beheramal. This New Railway Overbridge will also help in easing the traffic congestion problems for commuters traveling from Old Bus stand to Beheramal in Jharsuguda.

As per sources, the condition of the existing Railway Over Bridge connecting the Old Bus Stand to Beheramal has become old. It was built in the year 1964 and its service life has also got over. Even the width of the road is narrow, which create traffic problem. Subsequently, the minimum height of the bridge of the existing bridge is 5.5 meters, whereas at present the minimum requirement of the bridge height is 6.25 meters.  Taking all this into consideration, the South Eastern Railway, Chakardharpur Division has proposed to construct the new Railway Over Bridge.

“The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the new Railway Overbridge has been already finished and the tender will be done within 10 days. This project is expected to be completed within 2 years and it will be built with an estimated cost of Rs. 20 Cr.” said a Railway Officer.

“We often face traffic problems at the existing Railway over the bridge, several schools are also present in Beheramal, and the bridge has really become old. However, the proposed new Railway over the bridge will surely solve the traffic congestion between the Old Bus Stand to Beheramal. Subsequently, we also demand the construction of a parallel road to directly link the over bridge, which will also curb the traffic congestion of the town.” Said Hira Lokchandani, President of the Jharsuguda Chamber of Commerce


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