Rajo Festival Celebrated with Fervor at Mission Ashra Campus, Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda : Odisha’s biggest festival, Rajo, was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Mission Ashra Campus in H. Katapali. This event, organized by People’s Forum which is supported by the District Mineral Foundation & District Administration, showcased the traditional agricultural festival typically celebrated in coastal Odisha, bringing its vibrant spirit to Western Odisha.

The three-day celebration saw all the inmates of Mission Ashra come together to part in the festivities. Dressed in new clothes, they adorned themselves with Mehendi, Kumkum, and Alata, embodying the joyous spirit of the occasion. The celebration featured a variety of traditional cakes, enhancing the festive mood.

A highlight of the festival was the Rajo Doli, where everyone enjoyed swinging, a traditional activity associated with Rajo. The inmates also relished Rajo Pana, a special festive drink, and sang traditional Rajo songs, adding to the cultural ambiance. The event culminated in a heartwarming dance performance by the inmates and staff, which was highly appreciated by the guests.

According to Sanjay Kumar Jethi, Vice President of People’s Forum and Program Head of the West Zone, the Rajo festival has been celebrated at Mission Ashra since 2016. The event saw the presence of several notable dignitaries, including District Child Protection Officer Mr. Sanand Maharana, Educationist and Social Worker Mrs. Kavita Panda, Poet and Educationist Mrs. Mandakini Satpathy, President of Special School Jharsuguda Mr. Vivekananda Mishra, Arvind Barik, Mr. Rajesh Padhi, and Mr. Vijay Siwal of Young Star Charitable Trust. Additionally, Jharsuguda Fashion Mart’s Mr. Ajay Gandhi, Social Worker Mrs. Gudu Thapa, and other esteemed guests attended, joining in the celebration and ensuring the inmates enjoyed the festival to the fullest.

The Rajo festival at Mission Ashra I Campus beautifully blended tradition with community spirit, creating a memorable experience for all involved.


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