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District Collector Aboli Sunil Naravane Visits OPGC Ash Pond

Jharusguda: Jharsuguda District Aboli Sunil Naravane on Sunday evening visited the OPGC Ash Pond C and reviewed the ongoing restoration work of the ash pond wall which got breached on Saturday at the Ib Thermal OPGC Power Plant in Jharsuguda.

District Collector Aboli Sunil Naravane visited the site on Sunday and held discussions with OPGC officials to expedite the repair work.

The repair work is expected to take 3–4 days and will be conducted around the clock. While OPGC’s four units have a combined daily power generation capacity of 1,740 MW, units 3 and 4 are currently shut down due to some reasons, reducing the total output to 420 MW.

As a temporary measure, the ash pipe has been diverted to another ash pond, while the collapsed one is connected to units 1 and 2 of the power plant.

District Collector Naravane emphasized the immediate repair work to minimize disruption to power generation. Once the repairs are completed, a thorough investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the collapse and address any concerns of the residents.

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