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Jharsuguda Bus Terminal Begins Operations

Jharsuguda: Two days after its inauguration, the new Jharsuguda bus terminal has begun operations. All private and public buses are now arriving at the terminal, and the plying has begun in accordance with the district administration’s issued route chart.

Police have been deployed at Behramal Street, DPO Street, and Prasanna Panda Street to regulate bus traffic. It has been observed that no bus will enter the city through Behramal Street. On the other hand, police have been deployed on the Malimunda and OMP sides and are asking the vehicles to go on that road.

However, on the first day, there was not much excitement at the bus stand. Some buses picked up passengers from the main road without entering the terminal and took them to their destination.

The new bus terminal is a major infrastructure development for Jharsuguda. It is expected to ease traffic congestion in the city and provide a more convenient and comfortable travel experience for bus passengers.

Despite assurances from the administration, auto transport between the new bus terminal, the old bus stand, and the railway station in Jharsuguda has not been systematic. Passengers are allegedly being charged higher fares than the prescribed rates.

The distance between the new bus terminal, the old bus stand, and the railway station is more than 5 kilometres. The administration had said that auto transport would be arranged so that passengers would not face any problems.

The police informed me that 750 cars in the city would be numbered separately, and rate charts would be posted on all of them. However, even now, the process of auto-rolling has not been systematic.

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