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81-year-old cycles villages to villages for spreading message to protect environment and conserve energy.

Jharsuguda :  A 81-year-old Ex-vice Chancellor of Sambalpur University, Prof. Dhruv Raj Naik has been cycling across the villages of Jharsuguda District and spreading the message of environment protection and conservation of energy.

He started this awareness campaign on 11th February, from his own village at Kuanarmal located under Laikera Block of Jharsuguda District and reached Arda on Friday evening after covering various villages under Laikera, Kolabira, Kirmira, Jharsuguda, Brajrajnagar and Belpahar.

Prof. Dhruv Raj Naik will complete his awareness campaign on 17th February 2019 at Kuanarmal Village under Laikera Block of Jharsuguda District.  

His main aim is to advocate young children’s to plant a tree at an very early age and teach them about how to conserve energy and not to waste them , as in future it will help them to utilise it effectively.

The Ex-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Naik, after being retired in the year 2008, he had returned back to his Kuanarmal village and has started conservation of forest with the help of locals. He even formed an “Maa Andhari Van Surakhya Samiti Maha Sangha” including local villagers who  have been protecting and looking after the local Gramya Jungle called Andhari for past many years.

“Earlier we use to hold cycle rally to spread environment awareness campaign within our village and nearby only, but this time, I thought that this awareness message should spread to all young children’s of the Jharsuguda district so I started this with the help of Forest and District administration. ”  said Dhruv Raj Naik

“As our environment is getting unhealthier day by day, it is the need of an hour that we should do something from our side and not to depend that someone will do it for us. So, I am advocating children’s to plant a tree on their birthday and take care of them. Subsequently, we are also teaching the young generation how to utilise electricity and water properly and not to waste and not let others to waste it. ” he added

During his Cycling Campaign, he is even accompanied by 20 volunteers of  who are also a part of this movement.

“This campaign is surely creating some impact on the people and I hope that people will surely get aware regarding how we can contribute to keep our environment healthy ” said Vikram Naik , an volunteer

Jharsuguda Divisional Forest Officer, Sushant Kumar said that, ” Dr. Naik has been working on spread awareness regarding environment since so many years and so District and Forest administration both has extended support to this noble cause.”


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