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Deepali Das Surpasses Father’s Record with Landmark Victory in Jharsuguda By-Election

Jharsuguda: Biju Janata Dal candidate Deepali Das has emerged victorious in the Jharsuguda by-election, securing a massive victory by obtaining 48,721 more votes than her closest rival, BJP candidate Tankadhar Tripathy. This triumph has created a celebratory atmosphere in the BJD camp, with members reveling in their success.

Moreover, Deepali Das has surpassed the record set by her father, Naba Das, in terms of victories. In the 2019 Jharsuguda assembly election, Naba Das won by a margin of 45,699 votes. However, in the by-election held after his unfortunate demise, his daughter Deepali won by a whopping margin of 48,237 votes. The latest information reveals that Deepali has received 107,198 votes, while BJP candidate Tankadhar Tripathi has received 58,477 votes. In contrast, the Congress candidate has only managed to receive 4,496 votes.

It is worth noting that in the 2019 assembly elections, Naba Das was elected with a total of 98,620 votes and a vote percentage of 55.97%. The fact that Deepali has managed to surpass his record by securing an even greater margin of victory is truly a remarkable achievement.

While the BJP candidate Tankadhar Tripathy has performed better than the previous BJP candidate Dinesh Jain, who received 52,921 votes and 30.04% of the votes in the 2019 assembly election, it is evident that Deepali has managed to secure a much larger vote share in this by-election. Her victory is a testament to her popularity and the confidence that the people of Jharsuguda have in her.

Deepali Das’s triumph in the Jharsuguda by-election has not only created a new record but also highlighted the growing popularity of the BJD party in the region. With this resounding victory, Deepali has cemented her place as a prominent leader in Odisha politics and is poised to make a significant impact in the future.

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