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Man returns wallet with Cash to its owner.

Jharsuguda: On Tuesday, with a noble gesture, Pappu Mallick an honest man from Jharsuguda returned a lost purse filled with cash and important ID proofs to its owner, Who had lost it at Gaytri Vihar. Abhishek Meher, the owner of the purse, had visited Gaytri Vihar at their In-Laws house On 31st January where his wallet accidentally fell from his pocket.

Meher the owner of the purse said, “I had cash, debit cards, PAN card, Aadhaar card, and some other important documents in the wallet. I realized about my missing purse nearly 30 minutes after I returned from my In-Laws house. Mallick said I found this purse on the street when I am returning to my home from the shop. I asked people near the spot but did not get any clue.

After two days, Abhishek Meher received a phone call from Pappu Mallick. Meher beamed when Mallick told him that he found his lost wallet with all articles including the cash intact.

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