Youth arrested for allegedly duping an Rtd. Teacher of Rs. 15 Lacs


Jharsuguda: A 30-year-old youth has been arrested by Badmal Police for allegedly blackmailing and duping an 83-year-old retired School Teacher of Rs.15 Lakhs on Tuesday.

The police identified the accused youth as Laxmindra Podha (30), a resident of Sripura Village under Badmal Police station of Jharsuguda District, whereas the victim was identified as Prasanna Dixit (83), resident of Sripura Village.

As per the report, on 4th September 2021, the accused Laxmindra, who is known to the victim Prasanna Ku. Dixit had visited his house and had plotted a drama by keeping a cash-filled bag for a day and had taken the cash-filled bag on very next day and called the victim and said that he was caught by police and all money has been seized meanwhile the police officials and Income Tax Officials will also come to the victim’s house. He kept on calling him by various others numbers posing as the police and Income Tax Officials. Out of fear the victim had given a total of 15 Lakhs at regular intervals from 6th September to 23rd September. Meanwhile when the accused had again demanded Rs. 2 Lakhs more, the victim narrated the incident to one of his relatives, who helped him to report the matter to Badmal Police. After which Badmal Police arrested the accused.

Badmal Police station IIC Amitav Panda said, “Based on the complainant filed by 83-year-old retired school Teacher Prasanna Dixit, regarding an accused of his own village who had taken away around Rs. 15 Lacs money by making criminal conspiracy and cheating him by impersonating himself as a police and income tax officer and extorted Rs.15 Lacs by putting the fear of imprisonment of life on the victim. We have arrested the accused and seized Rs. 4.70 Lakhs from his house and frozen his bank account having Rs. 4 Lakhs. We have immediately given the Rs. 4.70 Lakhs cash amount to the Victim. We are planning to bring the accused on remand to seize the other articles purchased by the accused from the extorted money.”