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On believing superstitions, family members exhumed the dead body of a child believing it to be alive

Jharsuguda : In a shocking incident, the family members of 4 month child who died and buried, had exhumed the dead body of the child after they allegedly believed in some superstitions that their child was still alive on Friday morning.

The incident took place at Dharsadhipa area of Ekatali under Jharsuguda municipality.

As per the report, a 4-month child of Shivratri Devi, resident of Dharsadhipa area of Ekatali, was suffering from some aliment and was brought to Jharsuguda District headquarters Hospital on 1st December but he was declared brought dead. Later, the Child was buried near to their home at Dharsadhipa Area of Ekatali on 1st December itself, by the family members.

But, on Friday morning, after believing into superstition and some self-styled godman, the child’s mother exhumed the dead body of the child. On receiving information of this, the Jharsuguda Childline officials along with Jharsuguda Police officials had reached the spot and took the mother and his dead child once again to the Jharsuguda District headquarter hospital, where the doctors again declared her child as dead.

Jharsuguda Childline coordinator Ashish Kumar Panda said that, “We received an information that a child’s dead body has been exhumed by its family members on allegedly  believing on some superstitions that her child is alive, after which we along with Jharsuguda Police officials had rushed the spot and took both mother and his child once again to Jharsuguda District Headquarter Hospital, where once again it was declared brought dead. It is pure superstitions because of which this incident took place. However, we request everyone to not to believe in any such superstitions.”

Jharsuguda Chief District Medical Officer Dr Jagadish Chandra Barik said, “On 1st December the child was received dead at 6.30 am, on believing on some self-styled godman who has told, that his child is alive because of which they exhumed the dead body and brought him again but he was dead. It’s purely superstitions and nothing else.”


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