Blood Donation Camp to mark 70th Birth Anniversary of PM Narendra Modi


Jharsuguda : On the occasion of 70th birth anniversary of PM Narendra Modi, Members of Jharsuguda District Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha members have organised a blood donation camp at Prince Hotel Jharsuguda. Maximum number of Yuva members have taken part in blood donation.

In this event, State Secretary Tankadhar Tripathy was also participated and had handed over the certificate of participation to the members who had donated the Blood

In an interview with JSGLIVE Balvinder Singh, President of BJYM expressed his gratitude to the blood donors and Blood Bank Officer for their contribution to this welfare work despite of the pandemic situation. He said, “blood donation is not only an alms-deed but it is also a process of making new blood in the body. Donating blood doesn’t weakens the body, instead it is good for high BP or Cancer patients.”

He further said, ” I am thankful to the Blood Bank Officer, Yuva morcha members, the blood donors, and all the members who all contributed to make this work successful.”

This work will definitely give a good message to the youth and people who have doubt about blood donation.