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Flight Services to Resume at VSS Airport Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda : After a two month long shutdown, domestic flight services will again resume at Veer Surendra Sai (VSS) Airport from (Monday) 25th May 2020.  This announcement has come as huge relief for the travellers who have stuck during the lockdown and want to reach back their respective native place.

However, The Ministry of Civil Aviation has also issued various guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the passengers, Airlines, Ground and handling Staffs.

Highlights of the SOP that has to be followed by airport operators for resumption of domestic flights:

  • Passengers will have to reach airport two hours in advance of flight time
  • Passengers should wear masks and gloves
  • Only those whose flight is in the next four hours will be allowed to enter terminal building
  • Passengers to undergo thermal screening before entering terminal building
  • Those that don’t show ‘green’ on Aarogya Setu will not be allowed to enter airport
  • Trolley use to be avoided. Will be available to a select few passengers on request basis
  • Sanitisation of baggage before entry into terminal
  • Mats soaked in bleach to be placed at entry for disinfection of shoes
  • At passenger touch points, staff to either wear face shields behind counter or put glass wall at counter
  • Constant announcements about social distancing and other norms
  • Boarding and deplaning in batches to maintain social distance
  • All airport staff to wear PPEs and hand sanitisers for staff and passenger

In Jharsuguda , the two operator Alliance Air and Spice Jet Airlines has provided the schedules for the coming flights W.E.F 25thmay,2020 till 30th Jun,2020


9I745     CCU-JRG              05:55/07:35

9I745     JRG-BBI               08:10/09:15

9I746     BBI-JRG               09:45/10:50

9I746     JRG-CCU              11:30/13:00


HYD – JRG    SG 3283       10:30 / 12:25

JRG – HYD   SG 3284        14:10 / 18:05

JRG – CCU   SG 3282        12:25 / 14:05

CCU – JRG   SG 3281        14:00 / 15:35

DEL – JRG   SG 968   (All Days Except Wed)     13:10 / 14:50

JRG – DEL   SG 969   (All Days Except Wed)     15:10 / 17:35

Subsequently, the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday announced the minimum and maximum price slabs for domestic flights resuming on May 25.

Earlier in the day, it was announced that these cappings were necessary to make flights affordable for people while ensuring financially stability of the airlines.

Category (Time)           Minimum Fare     Maximum Fare

A. Less than 40 mins        Rs 2,000              Rs 6,000

B. 40-60 mins                   Rs 2,500               Rs 7,500

C. 60-90 mins                   Rs 3,000               Rs 9,000

D. 90-120 mins                 Rs 3,500              Rs 10,000

E. 120-150 mins                Rs 4,500              Rs 13,500

F. 150-180 mins                 Rs 5,500             Rs 15,700

G. 180-210 mins                Rs 6,500             Rs 18,600

Also, 40 per cent of all seats on a flight must be sold at a price less “than the midpoint of the band”.


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