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A Fake Rs. 2000 Note seized

Jharsuguda : A youth has been detained for allegedly using fake Rs. 2000 note for petrol at M/s Maruti Fuels at Vedanta Road, Sarbahal on Sunday evening.

As per the petrol pump staff, At six  o’clock , this youth had visited M/s Maruti Fuels and had asked the petrol staff to fill petrol of Rs. 500 in the bike by giving the staff fake Rs. 2000 single note. After receiving the note, the Staff of the Petrol Pump Narasingha Behera showing alertness had checked the note and discovered to be a counterfeit as security ribbon was not shining.

“Till now no one has handed over Rs. 2000 note and asked to fill for just Rs. 500, I was little suspicious over this, which had led me to check the note thoroughly. When I found it to be fake I immediately had alerted to my Owner of petrol Pump.” said Narasingha Behera, Petrol Pump Staff

However, on getting information, Jharsuguda Town Police officials had rushed to the spot and had seized the note and had taken the youth into custody for further interrogation.


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