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Jharsuguda Police Administration helps Migrant workers

Jharsuguda : Jharsuguda police administration has made special arrangements for helping the migrant workers, who are returning back to their state via Jharsuguda  District.

Jharsuguda District is witnessing a large number of migrants workers who are been seen travelling in various vehicles like trucks , busses , autos , even walking .  For helping the migrants workers, Jharsuguda Police department have arranged water facilities and even vehicle arrangement to leave the walking migrants to the state borders.   Jharsuguda SP Rahul PR is been personally monitoring these all arrangements at Jharsuguda.  

While speaking to Jsglive he said that ” There is a large flow of movement of migrant workers through Jharsuguda. Already some Good Samaritans are providing water and food to the migrant workers. We have made systematic arrangements for the distribution of water so that there is no contact with the local town population. We are ensuring proper sanitization of the area along with sufficient supply of water and biscuits so that it is provided to all the migrant workers passing through Jharsuguda. Some vehicles are observed to be very hazardous in the way migrants are travelling.¬† All across Jharsuguda district, we have observed certain instances of long distant pedestrian migrant workers for which Jharsuguda Police have arranged vehicles for them up to leave them to the state borders. ”¬† said Jharsuguda SP Rahul PR


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