Aadhar helps Missing deaf-mute boy to reunite with parents after two years

Jharsuguda : It was a heartwarming moment when Rohan Sona, a 17-year-old deaf-mute boy, reunited with his parents on Thursday after he went missing from his home at Khamtaria, Raipur, Chhattisgarh since two and half years and it was only possible because of the efforts of Jharsuguda Childline officials. 

As per the report, On 5th July 2017, Rohan Sona had gone out to play in a nearby garden in the morning. As their house was situated near WRS Colony PH Railway Station in Khamtarai, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, he is suspected to have boarded a train and reached Jharsuguda. 

On reaching Jharsuguda, Childline officials had rescued him near Ticket Counter of Jharsuguda on 6th July 2017. Learning that, he was deaf and dumb, the childline officials had enquired him how did he reach Jharsuguda by showing train/bus photos. He agreed to reach Jharsuguda in a train by nodding his head. 

There are four members in their house. His father is daily labour, while his mother is a housemaid along with an elder sister.  At the time of the incident, the father, as well as mother, were not present in their house and had gone for work.

 “On 5th July 2017, he had gone to play outside in a garden near the house but did not return back home, We had searched but could not find him we even lodged a missing complaint at the local Police station but nothing happened. We almost lost hope of finding him but I want to thank the childline officials because of them I finally met my son, I am very much thankful to everyone who helped me to meet my son,” said tear-filled Rajaram Sona, father of Rohan.

As per Childline Jharsuguda, Childline Co-ordinator Ashish Panda said that” We rescued this deaf-mute boy from Jharsuguda Railway Station on 6th July 2017. Then we had produced him to Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and as per the direction of CWC, he was sent to Utkal Kalyan Seva Ashram Special School at Brundamal. Initially, as he was not knowing the sign language we had trouble finding his address. we even tried to trace his details through Aadhar Fingerprint scan but we learnt that he already had an Aadhar card, then we finally sought details from Unique Identification Regional centre (UID) Hyderabad and got his exact address and then able to track his family to Raipur Chhatisgarh and because of the Aadhar Card and Childline we were able to track his family and able to reunite him again. “


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