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Villagers met Dist. Collector Over Construction of OPGC Ash Pond

Jharsuguda : Tilia Villagers on Tuesday called on the Jharsuguda District Collector, Bibhuti Bhusan Pattnaik over the Construction of ash pond for the Unit III and IV of OPGC  in Jharsuguda.

The Villagers said that the proposed ash pond would cause pollution and affect their livelihood.

“We met collector and requested him to stop the ongoing construction work of Ash pond in our village, as it would cause pollution and affect the farming in our village. However, If OPGC still wants to construct the ash pond in the village, it should acquire all land and re-habilitate us somewhere else and provide us basic facilities including livelihood proper irrigation facilities, drinking water, education. As it will be difficult for us to live in a place which is located in a place where ash pond of the industry will be built, The District Administration should intervene and come out with a solution.” said Thanasundar Sahu, Sarpanch Tilia Gram Panchayat

Jharsuguda Dist. Collector Bibhuti Bhusan Pattnaik  However said, “The work on Ash pond will not be stopped. If the Villagers have any discontentment regarding land, they could lodge the matter to the notice of Land acquisition officer (LAO). Villagers are demanding that entire village should be acquired but that is not in our hand, OPGC can take a decision in that regard.” said Jharsuguda Dist. Collector Bibhuti Bhusan Pattnaik

“OPGC’s  ash pond is being built to the vicinity of the village. If the ash pond is built, Pollution will be caused. Villagers wants OPGC to acquire entire village and provide compensation. It is a genuine demand though we placed the demand in front of Dist. Administration, they express helplessness. We will bring this problem to the notice of Odisha Chief Minister. And if the Govt. does not take any step, we will restore to agitation.” said Brajrajnagar MLA Radha Rani Panda


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