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Jharsuguda man walks to Bhutan to spread anti-drug message

Jharsuguda: Abhiram Sathpathy, who left Durllaga in Jharsuguda on May 25 with an anti-drug message, arrived in Bhutan on Friday. Abhiram reached Bhutan on foot, carrying the national flag. He issued a video message upon arrival, advising people to stay away from addiction and to walk.

Mr. Sathpathy is a retired employee of OPTCL. He had previously suffered from asthma. Even after many treatments, he could not recover. He stayed in Balangir for a few days while working at OPTCL. He said that he was able to recover through exercise. He was able to recover by running and exercising. So he is preaching to others to stay healthy by giving up drugs and exercising daily.

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