Injured spotted deer rescued by the Forest Officials


Jharsuguda : An injured male spotted deer was rescued by the Kolabira Forest Department officials on Tuesday.

Acting on the information provided by the Kolabira Villagers, the Kolabira Block Forester along with forest guards had rushed to the Samasingha Pond in which this deer accidentally had fallen after he had been chased by the villagers.

Phanindra Kumar Meher Said that, while we were patrolling, we saw an Spotted deer who had come over the road from the Mahulmunda Protect Reserve Forest, while we were following it, even villagers had followed him, due to which accidentally he had entered a pond in which he had damaged his horn and injured his horn. We immediately rescued and had given first aid and had brought to Jharsuguda Dist. Veterinary Hospital for medical treatment.

After administering the First aid, Jharsuguda Forest Officials along with the wildlife activist Asish Shukla and Shashi Tiwari who were informed by the Kolabira Forest officials and they had arranged immediate medical attention at Jharsuguda Dist. Veterinary Hospital.

Even Jharsuguda Forest Incharge Ramesh Nath had reached and after the medical treatment, and as per the direction of Jharsuguda DFO, the Deer was been left in the Jungle.

Injured Spotted Deer Rescused feom Kolabira  (2) Injured Spotted Deer Rescused feom Kolabira  (3)Injured Spotted Deer Rescused feom Kolabira  (1)