Bird freed from kitestring after hourlong operation

Jharsuguda : Kite-flying during Makar Sankranti is a colourful treat to look at, but kite string usually hurt unsuspecting birds. Similarly an incident took place on Monday evening in which group of locals and the forest officials had rescued a kite stuck on a string and had been thrashing about for over 48 hours moved the locals, who called the forest officials on Monday evening to rescue it from a tree behind the courtyard of District Education Office, located at Man Mohan ME Ground. Unable to extricate the bird high up on a tree branch, forest officials had to face problem in getting the kite down.

After an hour long rescue operation, in which some of the forest officials had, climbed the tree to reach the branch, the injured bird was quietly handed over forest officials who later took the bird immediately to Dist. Veterinary Hospital.

“We were hoping that it would manage to break free, but we realized it was in great pain and about to die,” said an Local, who had spotted it. Children were clustered around the tree watched in nail-biting excitement.

“On afternoon, we had rescued one more kite whose leg was also tied up due to kite string we had rescued it and kept in a room,” said another local.

“Usually, birds who are unaware about the Kite strings, due to which they entangled themselves due to which many casualties happens, some loses wings and some of them even die due to these kite-string,” said Bhogilal Sahu, local

“We had immediately rushed the injured kite to the nearest Veterinary Hospital for the First Aid, we unfortunately could not save his right leg which was completely tied up and was damaged however the Kite was given the medical attention and will be kept at the rescue centre in the Forest Range Office located near L.N. College Road.” Said Ramesh Nath, In- charge Jharsuguda Forest Range.

A picture was sent to bird photographer Asish Shukla, who said it was probably a black kite.

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