Inspite Protest by Lawyers, 34 Nomination filed at Jharsuguda, Political parties gears up for the ULB Elections


Jharsuguda: Lawyers of Jharsuguda Bar Association, who demanded No Court, No Vote under the decision of CAC had staged protest in front of the Jharsuguda & Brajrajnagar Municipalities and tried to boycott the nomination filing of the candidates on Monday.

But due to the pre – arrangements and alertness of the Jharsuguda Dist. Administration, necessary arrangement was made one day prior itself, the situation were under control.

Around 9 A.M. onwards, the Lawyers along with members of various local organizations who supported them had done picketing and had blocked the entrance of the Municipalities.

But, BJD Party who had been opposing against the boycott of election, the candidates had to face the protest from the advocates, who were not allowed to enter initially but after the intervention of Police Officials, they managed to file their nomination.

Police have made court arrest of 34 Lawyers in Jharsuguda and 20 Lawyer in Brajrajnagar. After which the filing of nomination process had started and ended peacefully.
In Jharsuguda, 12 candidates of BJD party and 22 Candidates of Congress Party have filed across 24 Wards. Whereas around 16 BJD candidates have filed across 23 wards in Brajrajnagar Municipality.

Jharsuguda Dist. Bar Association President Dinesh Jain said that, BJD and the State Government who always showed their concern over the Western Odisha but the way today, the voice of CAC suppressed with the help of police, that has proved that BJD and the State Government Is not at all concern over people of Western Odisha and Jharsuguda Bar association strongly condemns the action of Dist. administration for suppressing the voice of Lawyers. He also adds, that the next course action will be decided by the CAC.

Jharsuguda BJD Senior Leader Tapas Ray Choudhary said that, We had already been pleading for the Voting to be conducted as well as for the establishment of court also and accordingly we had filed the nomination but the parties like Congress who claimed that they are with Lawyers and supported No Court, No Vote have filed 22 nominations where as we could filed only 12 nomination only. This Hippocratic stand by the Congress will be answered by the people very soon.

Dist. Congress President Bhawani Shankar Pati, As we were in support of No Court and No Vote, the BJD parties had filed the nomination first and so, being a political party we have also filled the nomination.

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