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TRL Krosaki Celebrates 42nd World Environment Day

Jharsuguda : TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited celebrated the 42nd World Environment Day on 5th June, 2013 in its factory premises at Belpahar. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Patel, Vice President Engineering and Factory Manager, was the Chief Guest of the function and Mr. P. K. Aich, President, TRL Krosaki Shramik Sangha and Dr. T. K. Das, Director Medical Services were the guests of honour in the function.
In a well attended function, the chief guest hoisted the World Environment Day Flag. Dr. T. K. Das, delivered a speech on this year’s World Environment Day theme that is Think, Eat and Save. Speaking in the occasion, Dr. Das said that, every year billions of tons of food are being wasted. This waste is having a large impact on the environment because it involves depletion of our natural resources. Dr. Das gave an elaboration on what is to be had and in what quantities.
Mr. P. K. Aich, in his speech impressed upon the requirement of conservation of environment with the growth of industrialization. Mr. Aich urged all to be judicious in use of water resources. According to Mr. Pradeep Kumar Patel, Conservation of environment is not a single department’s job, but it is everybody’s responsibility. He appraised the gathering about the facilities developed and measures initiated by TRL Krosaki for conservation of the environment, like New Effluent Treatment Plant, Impervious Lagoons, Secured Engineering Landfill, Pulsejet Dust Filter Units, Electro Static Precipitators, and Environment Laboratory with high quality equipments, Plantation of 4.2 lakhs trees till date and distribution of 50,000 seedlings every year to the nearby villagers. Mr. Patel embarked upon the future plans of the company like on line air monitoring system, sewerage treatment plants, rain water harvesting, etc. He praised everybody for their efforts in reducing the Carbon emission with respect to last year. Mr. J. K. Patnaik, AGM – OT welcomed the guests and employees and Mr. A. K. Khuntia proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. Sukadev Sahoo, Manager (Environment) announced the activities planned for the month.
June 2013 is observed as TATA Environment Month in TRL Krosaki. Various competitions and shop floor training programmes, display of film, etc. are planned to be conducted to educate the employees including contract workers.


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