Jharsuguda boils at 44.6 degrees Celcius


Jharsuguda: Western Odishas Industrial town Jharsuguda is reeling under an intense heat wave for last few days. Jharsuguda maximum temperature for the season was recorded as 44.6 degree Celsius on Monday.

The sudden aggravation of the Heat Wave forced the roads which gave a deserted look in the afternoon as people confined to their respective homes to beat the heat. The mercury hovered above 40 degrees Celsius in all the five blocks of Jharsuguda District too.

The worst-hit of the extreme weather condition are low-income households. Sources said daily labourers and rickshaw pullers are struggling to make their ends meet due to the heat wave conditions.

“Due to sudden rise in temperature, my daily earning has reduce to half as no one wants to travel in scorching heat.” said Manoj , a rickshaw puller of Mangal Bazaar

Rise in temperature is making our life very difficult. Whenever I have to travel for marketing, I have to cover my face completely. The heat is so intense that, we can feel the heat right from morning 10 O’Clock itself. I can’t even sit in my shop without a cooler. said, Karthik Sahoo, a Shop owner of Sahupada

“In last one week the heat wave has increased so much that by 10am in the morning, the temperature reaches to 40 degree, people dont come outside their home, until it is an emergency. Sufficient drinking water facilities, to be provided by the Jharsuguda District Administration is not seen enough due to election, for which people are facing problem in Jharsuguda Municipality area.” said Prasant Mohanty, Senior Journalist

At another end, the sweltering heat wave has brought relief for the street Lemon water & Lassi vendors, as their sales have risen in last few days.  ” For past few days, there is an increase in sales. I hope that the heat wave prevails so that it will boot the business ” said Omprakash Kumar, Lemon Water  vendor, Jhanda Chowk.

However, to tackle sunstroke in the district, Jharsuguda District. Headquarter Hospital has arranged a special ward for the Sun Stroke and other heat-related ailments.

Jharsuguda Chief District Medical Officer Dr. Kaushalya Pradhan said ” A two-bed AC cabin has been opened at the Dist. Headquarter Hospital to treat patients suffering from sunstroke and other heat-related ailments. Even, we have provided Coolers and sufficient ORS packets in Primary Health Centre and Community Health Centre in rural areas.”