Friends Club Distributes Saplings during Ganesh Puja Immersion Procession


Jharsuguda : After organizing an eco-friendly Ganesh Puja, the members of Friends Club of Jharsuguda got the procession of the puja an opportunity to spread the message to conserve our environment.

The members on Tuesday had distributed green saplings to the people and had promoted message on the plantation of trees in the Industrial Town through their procession. In the entire procession, the group had carried several slogans on the environment and the benefits of Plantation.

This year, the Club had celebrated the Puja in an eco-friendly way by making the Ganesh Idol with 25,000 water proof paper pieces and 15,000 diamonds beads. The Ganesha Idol was a star attraction for the people of the district during the puja. The pendal was also being made up of eco-friendly materials like hay, bamboo and other materials with tribal arts of Odisha.

” This was our 25th Silver Jubilee year Puja celebration, so we thought to celebrate this year pure eco-friendly way. So, we had used paper in the creation of Ganesh Idol made by Banamber Pattnaik, a puri based artist. Additionally, taking an opportunity to spread the message of conservation of our environment , we have decided not to use any loud DJ and will use only temple bells for the sounds and will distribute 500 sapling among the people and urge them to plant a tree because it’s our future.” said Ajay Poddar president of Friends Club.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to connect and spread the positive message among the people during the festive time, hope people follow the message and use these plants to make our town greener.” said Sanjay Panigrahi, a resident of Jharsuguda