Jharsuguda: Unit – I of Orissa Power Generation Plant situated at Banharpalli have stopped generating electricity since 11.40 mornings due to the Boiler tube leakage.  However the other unit – II is being working fine.  Both Units -I and Unit –II with a capacity of generating electricity at 210 MW each.

When PBD contacted OPGC PR Head Himanshu Behera, said that “Unit -1 is been closed since 11.40 A.M. due the Boiler tube leakage and would take at least one day to be on track. This has been already escalated to the technical teams and the teams are working upon it and Unit -1 would soon be restored.”

When enquired about the regular Boiler tube leakage, Mr. Behera said that it is a common problem of any Power Plant.

Similarly the Units were repeatedly shut down last year citing various reasons on July, Aug, Nov and December.

On the other hand OPGC Employees Union’s President Uma Ballav Rath regarding the frequent shuts down at OPGC said that “The main reason behind the frequent shutdown of these Units is mismanagement and poor maintenance of the plant. He blamed AES Company for its frequent shutdown. The Company O&M Solutions have been awarded the maintenance contract worth 4 cr. 80 Lakhs and the owner of the company was an AES staff previously. These problems are being faced by the company at a regular interval and within 3 years more than 500 breakdowns has happened only because of no proper maintenance by AES.

Mr. Rath added that As per the tripartite agreement with AEs it was earlier said that they would build up 6 units 210 MW each and in the year 2007 they would launch the first expansion unit -3 and in 2009 Unit – 4 but it didnt happened instead of it in the year 2012, tender was flouted for 2 units with a capacity of 320 MW each.

He blamed State government for not taking steps instead of it every year the current prices have being soaring it so high which is directly affecting the consumers . People who have given their lands for the development of that state are facing the rise in prices.

He also questioned Odisha State Government that “Why Government is not reviewing the tripartite agreement done with AES Company.”

The regular shutdown of this Power Plant is becoming a serious concern for the state government day by day. It has become a high time for the government to take some important action to address these issues immediately.